What did you accomplish your senior year of high school?

151010_Hannah_0145-Edit (1).jpgIt’s high school graduation time, and for most 2016 seniors, this means final tests, finalizing college choices, and hanging out with friends as much as possible.  But, for several high school seniors who recently completed their first triathlon, this last semester meant hours and hours swimming,  biking,  and running in preparation for the big event.  Believe it or not, this is an actual high school class, and these young people faced the ultimate in final tests – an actual triathlon!  I don’t know that I have it in me, but I was super impressed with the grit and determination of these young people as they made their way through the course.

Two of my 2016 Seniors participated, and I was happy to capture photos of them throughout the race, and be there as they crossed the finish line.  Hannah Johnson and Taylor Pratt, I am so proud of you!  Congratulations!

151011_Taylor_0148-Edit-2.jpg160521_untitled_0230.jpg 160521_untitled_0199.jpg160521_untitled_0587-Edit.jpg160521_untitled_0614.jpg

160521_untitled_0006-2-Edit.jpg 160521_untitled_0242-2.jpg

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