Prom 2016

160416_Prom 2016 Fine Line_0822.jpgThe dress…the hair…the makeup…oh, and of course the right date…  These are some of the key elements to a successful high school prom experience.  Do you remember yours?  Whether it was a month ago, 5 years ago or 25 years ago, you can probably remember the feeling of excitement and energy that surrounded that time of your life.

I recently spent the afternoon at The Fine Line with this group of girls getting ready for their high school prom, and oh what fun it was!  From the fabulous hairstyles and makeup, to the absolutely gorgeous gowns, these girls were all stunning as they readied themselves for a fun night of dinner and dancing.

As I stood back and captured the activities of the day, I witnessed more than one mom with “the look” in her eyes… the look that says “I’m so proud of the beautiful young woman you’ve become” and “Where did my little girl go?” all at the same time.  On days like this, Mom starts to think about the fact that her little girl is growing up, that these precious moments are limited, and gets a little lump in her throat.  Fortunately, the pang of melancholy disappears as quickly as it appeared, and the excitement of the day kicks back in with smiles, laughter, and an abundance of photos.  Photos are such a great memory trigger, and having them will allow those mothers and daughters to relive that precious afternoon for years to come.  I love that!  Make sure you capture your precious moments in photos – you’ll never regret it.

So, back to the young ladies I was following for the day…aren’t they absolutely stunning?  It is such a joy for me to capture these special moments in their lives.  I hope these images will bring back beautiful memories for years to come.

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