My, how things have changed!

Deb Mitzel Photography 2017 Senior
Richelle’s family has strong connections to the downtown Brainerd area, and 7th and Laurel in particular, so it was fitting that we capture some photos in this special place.

“Boy, grad pictures sure have changed since I had mine taken!” I hear that all the time from parents when I sit down with them and their senior at their Pre-session Senior Consultation. During this visit, I ask their senior what their vision is for the session.  Do they have a particular location in mind?  What are they into…cars, sports, music, computers?  Do they want to incorporate any of those interests into their senior photos?  Are they a Pinterest user?  Would they like me to create and share a board with them to pass ideas back and forth that will help me see the types of photos they like?  To me, these are all things that help me get to know my seniors, and ultimately help me create the best possible experience for them.  As I see it, this may the only time in their life that they are the center of attention at a photo shoot.  For some it’s no big deal, but for others, it’s a really big deal and they want it to be fabulous.   Sure, many of my seniors will go on to get married, but even on that big day, the focus will no longer be on just them, they’ll have to share it with a new spouse.  I like to make sure my seniors have an awesome experience that they will be reminded of every time they look at their photos.

On the flip side, many parents tell me they went in to the photographer’s studio, took a couple of shots against a backdrop, and that was it!  If they happened to be one of the lucky ones, they got to do one outdoor photo outside the photographer’s studio.  What a shame – for them, it’s not a positive experience they remember every time they look at their senior pictures.  I’ve written about it before, but I was very fortunate to have a fantastic senior photographer – one who made me feel special, took me to multiple locations,  and let me have a variety of outfits, which created a really great and positive experience for me.  That has stuck with me after all these years, and is probably why I feel so passionately about providing a fun, personalized experience for the seniors I photograph.

When you work with me, you need to know that I will encourage your creativity and ideas, but if you just want great photos and a fun experience without input on all the details, rest assured that I have plenty of great locations and ideas, and you will walk away with great photos and a fun experience, whether you personally chose all the details or not.  Stay tuned to my Instagram and Facebook feeds to see some of the fun sessions I’ve had that incorporate the senior’s unique personality into the session, as well as some of my favorite local locations.

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Deb Mitzel Photography 2017 Senior
Caitlin loves everything outdoors, so doing her session outdoors in her element made perfect sense.


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