Meet Caitlin – Brainerd High School 2017 Senior

160522_PB Model Shoot_0238-Edit.jpg

Great things come in small packages.  This young lady has such a wide range of talents, and interests,  making it tough to put  her into any sort of a box.  And I think that’s probably just the way she likes it!  Caitlin seems a little quiet when you first meet her, but don’t mistake that for a girl who is shy or doesn’t know what she wants.  This gal is a captain of her high school gymnastics team and loves to hunt and fish in her spare time, but she can still get girly with the best of them!  I love that!  Ask her about muskie fishing and her eyes will light up like a Christmas tree. So glad to have you in my model program, Caitlin!  I can’t wait to see what the next year brings.

160522_PB Model Shoot_0317-2.jpg 160522_PB Model Shoot_0291-2.jpg 160522_PB Model Shoot_0196.jpg 160522_PB Model Shoot_0178-Edit.jpg

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