Brainerd Senior Photographer – Palm Springs Collective

Senior Photography experience from Deb Mitzel Photography
2018 BHS Senior, Sidney – by Brainerd Senior Photographer Deb Mitzel Photography

The Deb Mitzel Photography Senior Experience

You know I’m always looking for ways to make the senior experience with my studio even more fun than it already is.  I want you to have a ton of fun and an experience where you can create memories that will last a lifetime!  As I mentioned a while back, I am now offering the incredible opportunity to enter the Seniors Ignite National Model Competition as part of the Deb Mitzel Photography senior experience.  The national winners will participate in the Palm Springs Collective in January 2018.

What is The Palm Springs Collective?

  • A trip to Palm Springs California in the middle of winter, and
  • the opportunity to Model in a full blown fashion shoot,
  • have your Hair, Makeup and Clothing styled by professionals,
  • be featured in a national magazine, and
  • receive incredible photos and memories to take home with you.

If you enter the competition and are one of the national winners, you’ll have this amazing opportunity, referred to as “The Palm Springs Collective”.  I’m heading to Palm Springs in January, so it would be great to have you with me!

Don’t get hung up on the word “model”

So, before you start thinking, “I’m not model material” or “I don’t have a shot”, please don’t get hung up on the word model…yes, there will be hair, makeup, and trendy fashions at the photoshoot, but the competition is not all about physical appearance.  The Seniors Ignite team is looking for young people who have compelling and interesting stories to share with others, and they want to tell your story through photography, too, just as I do. We’ll work together on your entry submission, and if all goes well and you’re a national winner, we’ll jet off to sunny Palm Springs in January, right in the middle of winter in Minnesota! Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?


Take a look at this video produced by Katherine Mendieta at a recent California photoshoot with another group of winning seniors.  Look at all the fun they’re having! If you’re looking for a senior experience unlike any other, click here, and we’ll make sure your senior year is the best year yet!

Until next time!


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