Brainerd Photographer – My Senior Experience

I’ve talked before about the great experience I had with my senior photographer.  I grew up in a small town, so I had known him all my life, and he was only a few years older than me.   I have written about the fact that I never really felt like I could smile.  I don’t remember specific anxiety about it, but I distinctly remember being pleasantly surprised when my proofs came back and I was happy with them and how my smile looked.  I am a child of the 80’s (yes I’m old), and at that point the majority of senior pictures were in a studio in front of some lame bookcase backdrop, and most of them looked the same.  My experience, however, was significantly different.  Jay (that was my photographer’s name) did some of those indoor studio shots, too, but the backdrops were better, and then we went to several different outdoor locations to shoot as well.  I think I had four or five different outfits, and he made the entire experience comfortable and enjoyable.  It obviously must have been, because 30 plus years later (yep, I said I was old), I am still talking about it.  In fact, I enjoyed working with him so much that he was also our wedding photographer when my husband and I got married.  That positive and personal experience with Jay is what drives my passion for developing a relationship with my clients and providing the best senior experience possible.

I understand that most of us are a bit insecure about having our photos taken, so isn’t it nice to know that you’ve got someone on the other side of the camera who wants to get to know who you really are, and will do everything in their power to present you in the best light, in the way that everyone else sees you?  Not necessarily in the critical way you see yourself?  Man, speaking of that…the other day I went on a shopping trip because I was in desperate need of some new clothes.  So, off I went, determined to find something new to make me feel good and spunky again.  Well, that whole idea went south as soon as I stepped into the dressing room at the department store.  When was the last time you stood in front of the mirror in the harsh light of the department store dressing room half clothed?  Well, I did it the other day, and I’m here to tell you, it wasn’t a pleasant experience!  Now I work out regularly and try to watch what I eat, but man, it was still a “come to Jesus” moment for me.  Fortunately, I don’t live my life half clothed under the harsh lights of a department store dressing room, but if I did, I would need someone alongside me to peel me off the ceiling from that scary experience!  That, my friends, is what I try to do for you as your photographer!  I think we all view ourselves as half clothed under those harsh lights, and we need someone to come along who sees the real us, and can show us what we really look like under soft natural light with all our clothes on…let me tell you, it’s a very different, and much more pleasant experience!


Until next time…


P.S…and if you’re going shopping, be sure to bring a friend along for moral support!

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